How to describe spouse

When I was a  young girl, I worked in a big department of a big company,There was the first job to me.I used to  imaged my dream man at that time,Just liked all the young girl.

He is my colleague. He sat beside of me in office, , He wasn’t  handsome but  gentlement and humorous. I liked to chat with him, He just got merried seveal months at that time, That was why I like to talk with him. Because I was pretty  interesting about a couple how to fall in love and finally  lives together,He would loved his wife as much as before ? He liked to went anywhere with her? So I used to answer  him the same question everyday,”Do you love your wife?”. But he had no interesting to  talk about this. Therefore he never answerd me  until the last time.He said:” Why do you often answer this question to me?  OK,  I can say ,my wife likes my hands. It can do anything for me, It can help me to eat ,to write, to work and so on. Do you like your hands ? sure!  you like you hands very much. because you need it. yes? If you haven’t hands, you can’t do anything with it .Even you never like your life withouth it.But you don’t need to say  ‘I love you  oh I love you very much.’with your hands everyday. you know? ”  I finally unterstand what the spouse means.

I often remenber his answer up to now.So  I don’t  mind  that  I never  heard  my husband to say ‘I LOVE YOU” with me.B ecause I believe…….. I am his hands.

He left us because of cancer the last year. But his answer is in my heart forever.


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