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  • 【Pinky】thrill

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    2016-3-6 when i read this section,i remenber a friend, she like to get a new name for other people, i just want to ask her “when you get a new name, do you have quite a thrill?” and i ask myself “do things ever give you a thrill”, haaaa… crazy.
  • 【Pinky】还是英语有趣一点

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    2016-2-18 英语扔了快两个个月吧,觉得要被人力资源的那些书看傻了,今天重新找回看英语的感觉,在shenzhen daily看完一篇关于湘绣的报道再看看安妮,觉得比那些枯燥无味的HR书好多了。看看,看看,多美的一幅画。 “She was sitting there one afternoon in early June. The sun was coming in at the window warm and b...
  • 【Pinky】the first holiday

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    2016-1-1 I have a party with my middle school mate tonight. We haven’t seen eachother for 23 year, when I saw my deskmate, we are runed and embraced eachother, we are so happy and shrieked with laught. All of their are child’s father and mother, but when we meet togather we are all back to middle...
  • 【Pinky】2015-11-24

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    I feel a little uncomfortable when I get up in the morning, very anxious and nervous, but I don’t know what I am worry about? May be the dream, maybe I am hungry, maybe about the job, maybe I am not sense of security, but what I am fear about? I can’t answer myself.
  • 【Pinky】Record

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    2015-11-2 All of things are over, I will try my best to work and keeping on love my life. 2015-11-3 I make a mistake tonight, downtown mean is business center of city not in the suburbs. I sure I am forgot so I check the dictionary.   2015-11-4 Begin to study of second unit today.   201...
  • 【Pinky】边跑边听

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    2015-10-25 第一次边慢跑边听英语,不再胡思乱想,听完第一第二单元也就刚好跑完40分钟,想着跟读,跑换成走,边走边听边读,比之前纯粹的走费那么一点点的力,跟读的时候有点气喘。第一单元听和跟读已基本没问题,第二单元全部能听懂,但有几篇跟读节奏赶不上。想想第二单元的书还没看完,待我看完跟读也基本没问题了吧。
  • 【Pinky】 just a joke

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    2015-9-3 After watch TV, Cherry with Me go to DaFen oil painting village, she want to draw a picture for herself, but the cost is too expensive. “Maybe I can draw for you” I joke, but I can’t. Actually, the photo was taken by me before 2 years.
  • 【Pinky】Shopping is a happy thing

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    2015-9-2 After lunch I buy some clothes for my nephew yesterday, and I continue to buy baby clothes for my friend baby this afternoon. All of baby’s clothes are very cute, I want to buy all of my favorite for them, but I can’t do that. I almost forget go back to work, Shopping is a happy th...
  • 【Pinky】August is over

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    2015-8-1 I get two good news. My friends have been finish their dream and get a gift from the god.   2015-8-6 I go to walk after lunch. When I walk around the square I found a mantis lie on the ground. May be it have a last gasp,So I take it to the grass under the tree beside the road. About...
  • 【Pinky】July was gone

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    2015-7-10 Today is my last working day in PSL Company. Nothing to do, just say goodbye to my workmate, include the wind, the cloud and the Wutong Mountain, all things of out of the window. 2015-7-13 Today is the first day of my new job. As usually I just change office and workmate, I hope I can e...
  • 【Pinky】Letter of recommendation

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    2015-6-23 I told GM I had submitted my resignation to ET on 12 Jun. she has accepted the letter, my last working day is on 10 Jul. I thanks for his help and support, I am so pleasure to meet him in this company. GM said he will keep contact with me although I will leave this company. So I make a ...