【Pinky】the first holiday


I have a party with my middle school mate tonight. We haven’t seen eachother for 23 year, when I saw my deskmate, we are runed and embraced eachother, we are so happy and shrieked with laught. All of their are child’s father and mother, but when we meet togather we are all back to middle school. Just like a student.


I am back to my hometown in the morning. When I open the door and lay bag aside in my grandma’s bedroom, my grandma hold a bundle of firewoods enter from back yard. Grandma is hard of hearing because she is about ninety years old. After she put down the firewoods, we are come in bedroom and sit down on the bed. She holds my hand, told me somethings about my cousins and some story about her youth. After lunch we sited in the yard and feed the chickens.

It is a nice day, sunning and bright.


After visited my classmate and friend, I left my hometown and back to Shenzhen.



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