【Pinky】August is over


I get two good news. My friends have been finish their dream and get a gift from the god.



I go to walk after lunch. When I walk around the square I found a mantis lie on the ground. May be it have a last gasp,So I take it to the grass under the tree beside the road. About a half hour when I turn back it was dead.



I have a date with cherry, we are have a plan.

Get up at 6 a.m. in the morning, we take bus to beach in the east of Shenzhen.

It is sunny day. We seat in the beach, play sands play sea waves, and we are jump and running, some time we look at each other and laugh. We ask some people help us to take some pictures and then we are take some pictures for each other.

No work, no pressure, no hunger, we are just like a child.



It is raining day.

I go to sister’s house with my mother today.

My sister’s house so warm and soft, it is my style, I like it.



I have been leave my hometown 25 years. It mean I have been out of touch my classmate for 25 years. I was invitations by my best friend in hometown to our classmate circle in we chat. I feel we are like go back to student times.



《项塔兰》 is a good book. I want to buy one. May be I can ask someone borrow me or I can download e-book.

I have read about 50 percentage, when I read after I am interested in India.



After work, I buy a bunch of flowers for myself. I just want give a reward to myself over the past month.



I get up at 5:30 A.M. I want to take some picture in Honghu Park. When I arrived the park I saw a lot of people do exercising. It is in the morning, the sun does not rise. I around the lake and enjoy the sight of lotus. When the sun is rises, I get some pictures of lotus.

Afternoon, I go home and choose some pictures to record, after done I have a sweet nap.



I send all of photos to my classmate of high school tonight. All of them very happy and say they can’t believe. Because I have been leave them 22 years. All of us want to relive those great times.



When I tire I always look at sky and try to looking for a cloud. But I can’t find them now.The weather is no good about a month half.

When I go to bed I am aware I forget reading, so I turn on the light and reading English book.



Busy day! I am not go to lunch with my workmates. After work I am so tire.

But I have good news to record that is my ETA of Sri Lanka is approve today.



Give myself homework.

Attribute sth to sth(sb.)把某事归因于某事(或某人)

Make a sentence

If you attribute the mistake to your subordinate, I don’t think you are a good department head.

He attribute do exercise to work, because always after work he feel very tire.



It is raining but we have a happy day.

We go to draw a picture in the morning and have a great lunch in the afternoon, after break we go to the theater. When I go home it is over 9 o’clock in the evening.



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