【Pinky】July was gone


Today is my last working day in PSL Company. Nothing to do, just say goodbye to my workmate, include the wind, the cloud and the Wutong Mountain, all things of out of the window.


Today is the first day of my new job. As usually I just change office and workmate, I hope I can enjoy this work.


What are you worry about?

Maybe I know what I worry about, I don’t worry my job because I believe I can do it, but I can’t give sense of security to myself.

I am so loneliness. Maybe I think a lot of. I can’t quiet to study English tonight.


Always I told to myself “pinky, be yourself please!”


All of my life no any change. although I changed my work, but it just change work place for me.

I like LuoHu than FuTian because LuoHu have good sense of life but FuTian have good environment of business.


I catch a cold from last Friday, I feel better today so I start go out to do exercise tonight. At this time, I am not take any cold medication just take a piece vitamin and more water and sleep more. I think it is better than take cold medication.


Sunset glow is beautiful like a picture. I think maybe when sunrise tomorrow morning, I will get a call or message from my friends, they will tell me a good news.

I get some picture from chegongmiao metro station and I send these photos to SZTV, because I want to complain about station management.


I have lunch with my friend at noon. She has worked here for more than ten years. I talk her maybe I will stay here for one year or two years, but actually I don’t know how long I can stay here.



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