最近整了两本英文的小说来读,一本是《The Call of the Wild》,一本是《The Great Gatsby》,以前读工作相关的英文资料和日常新闻的良好感觉一下子又回到了原点。虽然这两本书都看过改编的电影,大慨的情节也都清楚,但是要真的把书读懂来还是很难。我又不愿意一边查字典一边看,只能先半懂半整,先粗略的看一遍,待看完了之后看情况要不要精读啥的。


Buck had never seen dogs fight like these dogs; they were like wolves. In a few minutes he learnt this from watching Curly. She tried to make friends with a dog, a big one, al-though not as big as she was. There was no warning. The dog jumped on Curly, his teeth closed together, then he jumped away,and Curly’s face was torn open from eye to mouth.

Wolves fight like this,biting and jumping away,but the fight did not finish then. Thirty or forty more dogs ran up and made a circle around the fight, watching silently. Curly tried to attack the dog who had bitten her; he bit her a second time, and jumped away. When she attacked him again, he knocked her backwards, and she fell on the ground. She never stood up again, because this was what the other dogs were waiting for. They moved in, and in a moment she was under a crowd of dogs.

It was all very sudden. Buck saw Spitz run out from the crowd with his tongue out of his mouth, laughing. Then he saw Francois with an axe, and two or three other men with clubs jump in among the dogs. Two minutes later the last of the dogs was chased away. But Curly lay dead in the snow,her body torn almost to pieces.Curly’s death often came backto Buck in his dreams. He understood that once a dog was down on the ground, he was dead He also remembered Spitz laughing, and from that moment he hated him.


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